The Upper 1% of Smoked Chicken

In anticipation of my first real Lang smoker catering test this Christmas, I figured I should get some practice in. I hopped the 9:40am train from Penn Station to East Hampton. Upon arrival I was greeted by Karen and Bob. They knew the mission. We headed over to Iacano Farms; home if the upper crust of farm-raised free-range-organic-caviar-fed chickens. These chickens were so artisanal they had organized their own Smorgasbird market on Sundays. The farm has been around since 1948 and has the best chicken, duck, turkey and goose in the north east. We picked up two of the biggest chickens they had left (4lbs). When you order a chicken from iacano, you buy and get everything except the feathers. Instead of asking what parts you want (breast, wings, legs) they simply ask how you want it cut. Pretty incredible. Very old school. We took the two “split” chickens and headed east to the Lang ’48. I packed the firebox full of freshly delivered kiln dried hardwood (thanks LI Firewood). It soon became apparent that I was over zealous in my fire starting…standard. It took about two hours to convert the hardwood logs to red-hot embers smuldering just enough to keep the internal temp of the smoker around 275 (which is still 25 degrees above optimal). Once we hit 275 I figured we were ready to cook. Chicken got tossed on the Lang after a simple coat of olive oil, salt, & pepper. Two hours later and we were looking at THE BEST chicken I have ever made. Full journal log below. I can’t wait to set my sights on some beef and pork…

3pm – Built fire with cooking wood

4pm – Good base. Put on 1 oak log
275* – smokey
Vents fully open
Spikes to 400*
Vents closed to 1/4

4:30 – Added water pan, spread out wood (way too much)
Closed all vents/flu

4:40 – 275* put chicken on
Cracked vent/ flu closed
Wood is looking low
Temp dropped to 200* then climbed to 225*

5:10 – 200* new log added
Vents to halfway
Flu to fully open

5:40 – Added log.
Cooking surface temp 200*
Chamber temp 225*

6:15 – 250* closed vents/flu a bit.
Chicken looks fuckin awesome

6:50 – 220*
Chicken internal meat temp is 160*
Taking it off and putting it under a broiler for 3 min to crisp the skin

7pm – Success.





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