Brisket 2.0

Back at the smoker. We had some trouble locating a good fatty brisket. Citerella in East Hampton only stocks 1st cut brisket. We found a butcher who had a nice 6 lb trimmed center cut ($55). I would have rather had it with the full fat cap on but I’ll take what I can get. I got the fire cranking around 1:45pm and the brisket on by 2:30pm. Mama magovs decided to join the party and seasoned up a rack of baby back. Those got top shelfed and we will see how they turn out after 3 hours.

Some reading to stay occupied.


Ribs after an hour and a half.


Ribs coming off after 3hrs. Getting Carolina sauce and a little oven time.


Brisket after 3hrs. Long way to go for this guy.


Holy shit, ribs


Brisket is pretty much done. We took it off being that I have a big day tomorrow. Pic is below. It’s pretty darn tasty.



Two hours of resting did wonders….


Time/Temp Log:

1:45pm – Lit 4 logs + kindling.  Everything open.  while 4-6 logs create way too hot of a fire I have found that it is worth burning the extra wood down for a solid coal base that will keep the fire stable for the rest of the cook.

2:00pm – 350* Closed vents & added water tray

2:15pm – 250*

2:30pm – 200* Brisket & Ribs on.  Opened vents & flu a crack.

3:15pm – 250* Added Hickory (2)

4:00pm – 250* Added Hickory (1)

4:30pm – 250* Closed vents & Flu

5:45pm – 225* (Cooking surface 200*) Added Hickory (1), opened vents.

Ribs came off to be finished in the oven @300 with sauce.

6:00pm – 250* Closed vents.

6:45pm – 200* (Cooking surface 200*) Opened vents and added log.

8:00pm – 200* Added 3 logs.

8:45pm – 250* Closed vents.

9:00pm – 240*

9:30pm – Took brisket off after 7 hours on the smoker.  Internal temp of the meat was 185-190.  Very tasty, going to let sit of 2 hours.

11:30pm – Perfect.

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