New Skis!!!

To my chagrin Katie got me brand-spanking-new skis that are way cooler then I will every be (at least that’s what the ski bum in the shop told me). The are all mountain LINE flights with fancy Solomon bindings. They are a bit longer than what I am used to using but for the better. Turns out I needed a bit more edge under my 215lb frame.

We had a great weekend with Dr. Distler and Kathryn who were visiting for the weekend.

Featured delicious items of the weekend were pistachio crusted honey shrimp, long trail coffee porter, and BIG W’s BBQ!! I got talking to BIG W and he smoked his meat at 200 for 19 hours!! I stand by my claims that he has the best BBQ in the north east. He also had a quite innovative dish which was made up of chopped up pork and brisket ends in the form of a scrapple served over a wild rice with lime. The citrus really worked suprisingly well with the meat.





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