The Making Of The Mustard – 2013

This weekend I had a hankering for something tasty. I wanted some sweetness, some spice, and a little tradition. It had to be versatile- equally good as a dip or a condiment; a spread or a dressing. There was only one thing that would fit the bill- home-made “Mother’s Mustard” AKA “Wallace Mustard” AKA crack. I was down in Princeton NJ at Katie’s apartment and as the snow began to fall we headed out to Trader Joe’s to pick up heavy cream, eggs, sugar, vinegar, and a bunch of other secret ingredients. We already had the Coleman’s Mustard Powder on hand. We got back to the apartment and fired up the double boiler. In no time we were boiling, whipping, and dipping pretzels all along the way. The first batch was traditional while the second had a bit of honey added. After jarring the batches we wrapped some twine around to add a special touch. The first was given to Katie’s boss as a gift… lets hope she likes it as much as I do.




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