Christmas Poem

Christmas isn’t about “me me” but I’m guna get it going with the memes of 2013. Oh bieber her we go. Hunger games soared, j law tumbled.

Orange is the new black but sharkado is the new yeezus.

Hold on let me insta retweet that. I hope you like it… on Facebook. Wait wait wait. The lines are blurred. That not the filter I wanted but lets keep this filtered. NSA maybe watching. Watching watching slowden. I mean snowden. We are going, to fast, to furious…. Too soon? To soon for Mandela. Too soon

Tweeting twitter twerking, kimye, north westing, Kensington royal baby a poppins mr bates saving. pope no longer gay hating. iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5 cloud, what cloud. Get off my cloud. Bringing it back to basics, to classics to interacting, laughing, story telling, lesson learning generations meshing. Family.
But at the end of the day
And the end of the year
All you really need
Is to keep warm those you hold dear.

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