New Species – Hardnose/Blue Runner/Trevaly

While staying up the hill in West End we were distanced from out usual watering hole, Peg Legs, however we were in luck. Just down the street from our cottage was the newly opened Fish n’ Lime (formerly the Jolly Roger). We headed down for dinner and drinks on tuesday night. I had an incredible rack of ribs and Katie had a fresh filet of Mahi Mahi over Ceasar salad. As we were finishing up dinner i saw some Tarpon and Jacks causing a stir off the dock. The kitchen crew was throwing some scraps out to them. I naturally ran to my car and got my pole. It was a rental and extremely light tackle. I threw a few spoons at the tarpon but was a little worried about what would happen if one of these fish actually hit it. They were probably 40-50lb fish. One of the prep chefs came out and gave me some scrap fish to throw on a hook. I gave it a cast and instantly got hit by something managable. After a fun fight I landed a small Jack or “Hard Nose” as the locals called it. The women in the kitchen were exctatic and encouraged me to get more. I ended up pulling in 3, the last being the largest at which point i was causing a bit of disturbance at the restaurant. The Kitchen staff had set up a cutting board and were chopping up the fish then and there. It was quiet a scene…only on Tortola.IMG_3880





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