Life Upgrades: Summer 2014 Edition

The first weekend on the Jersey Shore was activity filled. We settled into 311 Woodland Ave on Friday night and ordered some pretty legit Italian food. With all the guiros comes some pretty good grub. The low key spent meeting, eating, and drinking was just what everyone needed after a long week. Saturday morning Katie and I got up and started on project number 1, constructing a table for the summer share family. We hit home depot hard. God bless Katie. She endorsed an hour and a half at home depot. My biggest regret was not sketching out exactly what I wanted and needed because it turned out that we had to go back and swap out some parts. Serves me right replying on some supply list and diagram I found on the Internet. Again, god bless Katie. I guess she is really on board. Ha.

Saturday night.

Sunday morning Was time for activity number 2; acquire a grill.

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