Pizza on the ‘Joe’

So after going ‘low and slow’ with the pulled pork the other weekend I figured would take it the other direction and go ‘Hot and Fast’ with some pizza.  We picked up a pizza stone at Home Depot and got 3 balls of dough on the way back.  I personally don’t like messing with dough.  I pick it up from a pizza parlor, not a super market, and it is always perfectly ready to go.  We had some left over sausage, added arugula, mushrooms, shallots, mozzarella, and ricotta.  The first pie was actually delicious but the bottom was scorched.  I had the grill up to about 600-700 degrees.  The next pie was slightly better.  I added more cornmeal to the base before I put the pie down on the stone.  The cornmeal would burn instead of the actual crust but it was still a little to crispy.  For the third pie, I took the stone off the grill, let the grill heat up and the stone cool down.  This pie ended up being the best of the lot.  It was a white pie with shallots and arugula.  Going foward i would use a “heat deflector” on the grill and make the pie on the pizza stone.  Then put the entire stone with constructed pizza on top above the heat deflector.  I believe this would result in a crispy bottom and a well cooked crust.


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