Cant Bring the Boat Around…So Let’s Race..

Bob, Mom, and I headed out to East Hampton to bring CAVU around to Southampton for winter storage. In years past we lucked out with the weather and even snuck a late fall fishing trip into the weekend. This year we were not so fortunate:

The wind was whipping at 35 knots. As I drove down to the marina sea spray coming off the jetti dusted my windshield. I unloaded the remnants of another fishing season into boxes and bags and headed back to the house. There was no way we were getting out of Hogs Creek. Lucky for us we had a back up plan: Head back to Manhasset and attend the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience going on at Citi Field. We wouldn’t be hooking fish but Sister Laura had hooked us up with some passes to some high octane fun.

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1 Response to Cant Bring the Boat Around…So Let’s Race..

  1. The Nana says:

    Love Plan B……….So much fun!.
    Doll House in Greenville………hope to see it for myself…………….xo

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