Incredible evening at Rao’s in Harlem hosted by Mr. Sweetwood. We got in early and Joe took great care of us. No menu. joe sits tableside and walks you through what they have to offer and what you would like to have. We started with mussels in white wine garlic sauce, stuffed clams, and Rao’s salad. The mussels were good. The stuffed clams were great. The pasta course was orchetta with broccoli rab and home made sausage. It was great, you have to hear Joe describe it. I had spaghetti in a pink clam sauce. Don’t be confused there was no cream. It was a clam sauce with fresh tomatoes. Absolutely incredible flavor but to be an even keeled foodie the pasta could have been better. Sauce/broth was next level. Next was meatballs. The best. Get them. Extra sauce. There was a signed picture of Malamud Ali next to our table. The meatballs where the size of his fist. Final course was lemon chicken and shrimp parm. Lemon chicken has a chat on it with a rich lemon sauce. It’s a must. Bone in. 

Final final was tartuflo. Real cherry jam center. 

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  1. The Nana says:

    what a nite, what a meal………..incredible.

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