Texas BBQ & Oil Field Tour

Headed down to north west Texas.  On my way to Wichita Falls I stopped in the Roman Catholic/German settlement of Windthorst (https://tmbbq.com/zekes-bbq-2016/).  The down is famous for a few things – High School Football, not being Baptist, and Zeke’s BBQ.  Zekes did not disappoint.  I had the meat sampler.  They are famous for they jalapeño sausage and their brisket.  They ask fatty or lean.  I usually like the fatty but asked for a little of both.  Here in Texas the lean is incredible.  I think I am just used to hearing that question as ‘moist or dry’.  This is real deal and the lean was juicy and flavorful.  their Texas toast was also next level.  I then got to kick around in the oil fields for a few hours. those guys have some real fun toys and work their asses off.  I couldn’t figure out a good place to go for dinner so I figures…more BBQ.  Its pretty much a choice between some chain Americana quick serve restaurant or BBQ.  neither is the healthiest but at least there is love in the Que.  I found the perfect place – Prines.  (https://tmbbq.com/interview-allen-prine-of-prines-bbq/). Oldest BBQ run by one family in Texas.  goes back to 1925.  They are famous for their chopped beef sandwich.  its a sloppy Joe but absolutely insane – because its smoked brisket that is nurtured over smoldering post oak for hours.  They will serve these for the rest of time.  Its nothing over the top by todays standards.  There isn’t anything fancy on it – its just timelessly satisfying.  They also had some sort of green chili salsa/relish on it that was delicious.  I also got some pimento cheese on the side which was very very good.  I wish I got a few slices of lean brisket, not because I had any room for more BBQ, but because I’d like to see how it stood up.


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1 Response to Texas BBQ & Oil Field Tour

  1. The Nana says:

    All I can say is “I’m hungry”, yummy food………enjoyed the stories as well………..enjoy Texas!! xo

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