Memorial Day VT 2017

Headed to Jamaica State park in Vermont.  When we arrived it was clear that the week of rain was still working its way through the watershed.  My last trip to Jamaica was in the fall and the water was low and slow.  I fished nymphs beneath the trestle bridge and it was quite simple.

After a nice picnic lunch with Katherine we walked the river.  There wasn’t a particularly calm stretch so I figured just dive in there below the picnic area.  I was on the inside bank of a bend and started nymphiyng double pheasant tails.  The water was swift but I was working a rip that looked fishing. after about twenty minutes I was about the make my way up the embankment but figures id change it up before the climb.  Fast water calls for streamers… or so I have heard.  I dies on a orange nosed wooly bugger and gave it a go.  first cast was nothing but the end of the second, the end of the second exploded with a TAP TAP. double strike and I saw flashes of white but didn’t hook’em.  I was fired up.  I cast it a gain with the slow anticipation as the fly drifted down river.  at the same spot hit hit and I got him.  he put up a pretty good fight and I was excited when I got him in the net.  My first rainbow on a streamer.

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1 Response to Memorial Day VT 2017

  1. The Nana says:

    Sooo that’s where you two, almost three, are!!
    enjoy the rest of the weekend…………xo

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