Day at the Farm

Spent Labor Day weekend up in Padanaram. Was able to really let the drone loose. Got some cool pictures over the water and great shots of the farm that I haven’t downloaded yet. More to follow.

PJ the horse. He looks like Donald trump but loves Eddie Vedder. Go figure.

Great potato harvest. These little red potatoes were the biggest surprise this year. We bought them randomly while at the hardware store and filled half a bed. They are delicious and we got a ton of them. Next year I would definitely do a full bed and I’m looking forward to learning how to store them. Right now, we are eating them all to often.

Evie walk in the woods. Carter put in a great little real system last winter.

Home Made potato chips!! (Too much work) but the home Made onion dip was good.

caponata. Made with farm stand eggplant, celery, onions and tomatoes. I would eat this every day. By far the best use of eggplants and it keeps and gets better as days go by.

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1 Response to Day at the Farm

  1. The Nana says:

    Evie sure enjoyed her day at the farm………….great picture!

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