Birmingham, AL

Headed down to Birmingham to attend the Bama v LSU football game. Got into town and checked out Saw’s Soul Food and BBQ.  We just did a little tasting which seemed wasteful but we have along weekend ahead of us.  I was very impressed by the quality.  Everything tasted refreshing which isn’t really a word you use for BBQ but it was all homemade with love.  The “Pork over Greens” was true pulled pork over collard green and cheese grits.  each component stood on its own.  It wasn’t just a sloppy mess.  The “Colonel’ is their Famous sandwich.  lightly battered ‘sweet tea’ chicken right out of the frier, tomato, pimento cheese, pickles, and white BBQ sauce.  It was insane.  Fried okra was also the best I have ever had.  it was a corn meal crust and not slimy or greasy at all. One of the better BBQ places I have been- now I see why New York Times listed it as one of the 52 places to visit in 2017 (along with Greenville)

45. Birmingham, Alabama

A new brewery was just the start.

Birmingham’s nickname, “The Pittsburgh of the South,” seems apt anew, thanks to the revitalization of the Avondale neighborhood, where artists, restaurateurs and young entrepreneurs are taking over brick warehouses and Queen Anne cottages. Since the neighborhood’s eponymous brewery took up residence inside a 19th-century firehouse, hip hangouts like the wood-fired pizzeria Post Office Pies, the live music venue Saturn and the garage-turned-brunch hot spot Rowe’s Service Station have followed suit, with mainstays like Saw’s Soul Kitchen still dishing it out.

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  1. The Nana says:

    Sweet tea chicken and yummy grits……….sounds so delish……….now I am hungry………..have a good weekend. xo

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