Table Project #1

Katie and I have decided to make our own dining room table.  Granted this has already taken waaaayyy too long but we are learning and its really coming along.  I sourced 200 year old American Chestnut.  The American Chestnut tree was wiped out by beetles back in the day so its pretty rare gorgeous wood.  I did some small sample stains and right now I’m working on learning how to make the joints, belt sand, and getting it up to finish quality on a smaller ‘side table top’.  You definitely have to have a plan and in particular, the right plan otherwise you get into some trouble.  I bet after completing this table ill be able to make something similar at half the cost and in half the time.  Luckily I have made a fair number of mistakes on the side table that I won’t replicate on the real thing.  Im still worried about how it is going to take the stain and what will happen with the imperfections which I definitely want but don’t know how to deal with.  Next week I’m going to try filling some gaps with epoxy and see how that looks.  Ill keep the updates coming.


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