9.22.2012: Casting for the Fences

We did what we had to do.  Praying the first crack of sun light would guide us east to the point we awoke at 5am.  After a morning meeting around the coffee pot we headed down to the boat.  Not much success on the morning or afternoon drifts but just when we called it quits we caught some surface action north of ‘Truck Beach’ outside of Montauk Harbor.

Mike was first to hook up on a light rod throwing a deadly dick.  It took so much line we figured it was snagged on the bottom (Mike had already gone through a full reel of mono earlier in the day).  As it started bobbing and weaving we knew it had to be a fish.  Mike started taking line and eventually landed a nice size false albacore.  Matt’s eyes lit up as he headed to the front of the boat with his 9wt fly rod.  he wanted a piece of the action.  I manned the wheel and headed for a school of silver darts piercing the surface.  After a bit of chasing Matt cried out fish on.  There was no need for the call because the screaming reel told the story.  This thing was off like a bandit.  Video below….. enjoy.

Matt with an Albi

CAVU Shirts are a must

CAVU Shirts are a must

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