Fly Fishing on the Housy

We met at at the zip care on 45th street. Sebastian, the mid-size sedan, was primed and ready for a road trip. after picking up Angad we headed out of the city to the north east corner of Connecticut. After scouting a local BBQ joint (Big W’s Roadside BBQ) to swing by on our way out of town we stopped at the tackle shop to gear up.

With our freshly tied flys, waders, and poles we hit a field for a quick ‘casting 101’ lesson. I got a pretty good handle on it and headed to the river. The first spot we hit was rather deep an fast moving. We were using a set up with double nymphs and a bobber. The strategies was to cast up stream and let the flys drift with the flow while retrieving line. I got pretty good at this being that it went on for a few hours. I wish I got to practice reeling in a fish. Master fly fisherman matt caught a rainbow trout and a small brown trout.



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