Brisket Inspiration

This past weekend the family came into New York City to experience the good life.  On the docket was a Saturday excursion the the more artisanal burough there is; Brooklyn.  We took the ferry from 34th street where coincidently we saw a older asian man Togging.  While I tried to talk to him about my Tog adventure in Massachusetts it didn’t translate. Once on the ferry, it was a few short stops to “Smorgasburg” in Williamsburg.  The longest line and the most worth while food belonged to Mighty Quinn’s BBQ.  He was serving up pulled pork and smoked brisket.  I was fortunate enough to speak to the chef himself and ask for some pointers.  He keeps it simple, like most, with a salt and pepper dry rub.  He cooks a 225 for 16 hours.  He also keeps the fat cap on the meat and carves around it when serving up the sandwiches.  His wood choice is a base of oak supplemented with peach and apple.  He said the key to getting ‘the jiggle’ was low, slow, and consistent temp.  I will be sure to take his advice and give it a go the next chance I get.

Lucky for me Mighty Quinn’s is opening up its first brick and mortar location just a block away from my apartment.

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