First Brisket of the 2013 BBQ Season

Katie and I headed out to East Hampton to help get the homestead ready for the season.  Being that I didn’t have to pack many clothes I figured there would be enough room in my suitcase for a 9 lb brisket.  The plan was that we would get into EAst Hampton around 8pm Friday night, Katie would could up some dinner for the tow of us and I would man the smoker.  I have been talking to a number of guys who run BBQ restaurants about their cooking technique.  Now while i will be the first to admit that true BBQ is all about the challenge if cooking with nothing but wood these guys have to churn out a ton of food on a daily basis and it has to be consistent.  I love entertaining and I also love getting a good nights sleep so i thought i would give BBQ cheating a chance.  Apparently after 4/5 hours the meat is not capable of taking in anymore flavor.  The logic goes that at this point you can wrap the meat in foil and throw it in the oven for 10-12 hours.  I decided to give this a shot.  I also broke out my new I-Grill which is fcking awesome for anyone who loves data.

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