4th Annual Summer Kickoff BBQ

This was it, the big test. Nine months after getting the Lang I was ready for the real deal. For this years BBQ I invited 25-30 of my closest friends and family out to East Hampton to party in the back yard, listen to some killer live music by Alex Vans and the hideaways and most importantly chow down on some kickass BBQ. The plan was to serve dinner late Saturday afternoon. I had three 8lb pork shoulders and a 12 lb brisket. Prep was going to be essential due to the fact that I would be fully participating in Saturday afternoon activities (beer-ski, pool, dark-n-stormies..lather rinse repeat). I gave all the meat a standard yellow mustard coat and dumped a liberal amount of 344 spice rub on top. Early Friday morning I fired up the smoker for the first part of the cook. After consulting BBQ chef mike goodman of captains BBQ in st augaustone fl I planned on cooking hotter and smokier for 4/5 hours on Friday to get a good bark on the meat. I would then wrap the meat in foil and bring it to temp on Saturday. This worked out incredibly well especially for the pork shoulder. Smoker ran at 250 on Friday and closer to 225 for 6 hours on saturday. The pork was ridiculous. I purchased some bear claws to assist in the pulling process. They are an awesome product but this pork pretty much pulled itself. The bone fell out. I have never seen anything like it. After adding a little famous 344 vinegar sauce we were in business. The brisket was a different story. I got a standard cut from the butcher and it was a disaster. Texture reminded me of sand. Nuff said. There was no marbling in the cut and if that didnt insure failure, i didn’t put the attention into it I normally do.

Pics below. More to come…








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