Oyster Roast

Over the winter we ventured down to the Eastern Shore of Virginia for an oyster roast. The bushels of Hog Island oysters were simply dumped on grates over a hard wood fire and covered with burlap. the result was salty, smokey, plump roast oysters. After seeing a few similar cook outs on “man fire food” the seed was deeply planted. the final straw was an episode of “the best thing i ever ate” on food network. The host walk us viewers through the New Orleans Tradition of Roasting oysters with garlic butter and parmesan cheese as Drago’s. I immediately got off the couch and made it my weekend task to source and roast Oysters in that same fashion. the tricky part was sourcing wild oysters that wouldn’t cost me and arm and a leg. down at Gosmans fish market in Montauk i found some east end locals that were a dollar a piece, they weren’t quite as deep and large as i wanted but they would do the trick for a trial run. after firing up the smoke to 500 degrees and shucking a few dozen MTK locals i melted some butter and threw them over the heat. after adding butter i sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top. I let them roast until the cheese was crispy. They turned out incredible.





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