Fishing The Gut

The rain, fog, and hang overs had rolled in on Montauk on saturday morning.  Being that the wind was at a minimum, I figured we could at least salvage the day by waiting for a break in the rain and hitting Plum’s Gut to fish the incoming tide around 3pm.  I drove back to East Hampton from the Emmanuelidis compound overlooking Fort Pond around 1pm.  Once in EH, I waited out the rain by tinkering around with my GoPro Hero 3.  I had found some plans online that outlined a way to ‘Hard Wire’ the GoPro to a boat or car.  Once hardwired, there is no limit on battery life.  I figured it was worth a shot.  After all, no one wants to watch a fishing video that misses that magic moment a fish hits the lure, the rod bends over and the angled jerks back with a shit eating grin on his face.  That is “The Moment”.  The rain broke around 2:30pm.  Bob, Sean, and I headed down to CAVU and took off north to the Gut.  Upon arrival, we surveyed the scene.  There wasn’t much going and the tide wasn’t moving as much as we expected.  After a few drifts, some porgy fishing, and a bit of trolling, we started to get weary.  The only good sign was that the birds and the boats were starting to emerge from the fog.  As time ticked by the birds got thicker and the drift got faster.  A few party boats showed up and pointed us in the right direction.  They know the way the water flows and after a few shadow drifts we had it down as well.  Video attached.  We were reeling in blues off the bottom all day long.  We got one shorty bass just outside the main boil of activity but regrettably still ate chicken for dinner…
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