Canada 2013 – The Place


Over labor day weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited up to Lake Papineau in Qubec, Canada. The area, known as Kanauk, is currently part of the Fairmont Montebello. I flew into Ottawa on wednesday evening to get an early jump on the trip. Matt, Lindsey, Eric, O’Brien and Cooper picked me up thursday morning and we started our 2 hour drive north. Upon arriving at the head of the lake we started loading up the pontoon boat with 7 days worth of beer for the next 5 days and a sufficient amount of foot. Bill D, master of the house, met us with a boat as well. We motored 25 minutes north east to the ‘cabin’. We passed a few other cabins on the lake but there weren’t many. Most of the 13 houses on the lake are situated to look out to pure untouched wilderness. Casa Dioguardi sits atop a rocky peninsula looking south across the largest expanse of Lake Papineau. The main house has a large deck where most of our time was spent while eating, cooking, and relaxing. The loft and main bedrooms in the cabin were for the family while the troops bunked up in the sleeping cabin out back. The cabin is well equipped with its own power supply. It has a large solar panel display out back that feeds 6 super deep cycle batteries. There is a 12,000 watt propane generator that kicks in at 45% battery load level. Most appliances in the house including the fridge run on 12 volts. The lighting was the most surprising feature for me. There is a network of wall mounted propane lanterns. They give off incredible light and don’t drain the batteries at all.

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