Canada 2013 – The Activities

Activities, activities, activities…

Lake Papineau is the largest lake is the area however the landscape in this area of Canada is specked with lakes and rivers. Each lake is a bit different and some have different spices of fish than the others. Lake whitefish is the main fishing lake. There are canoes and kayaks available for rent. We fished whitefish two different days. The first day matt and I took a canoe and the fly rods. We were looking of large mouth bass. We started fishing the main lake but quickly made our way to the river that is the main tributary to the lake system. The surroundings were quite spectacular. The slow moving river bank was lined with Lilly pads and beaver homes. The technique for getting the big bass was drawing them out of their holes by dropping ‘frogs’ or ‘mice’ right on the fringe of the Lilly pads. This required some skilled fly rod casting.

The second day we were out hunting pike. Matt or I had never caught a bass however Philip, the German ringer, was a skilled pike fisherman. He showed us the basic trolling technique which we painfully executed up and down the center of the lake.

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