I embarked on a solo Chicago tour. I had a few things I wanted to check off my list; architecture and deep dish pizza. After booking a 2pm river boat architecture tour I headed out to scout pizza. After stumbling across the Miracle mile and feeling like I was on 5th ave or Manhasset or Greenwich I decided to take my Patagonia wearing Starbucks toting oversized camera strapped self off the main track. Funny enough I quickly run into “pizzeria due”…. which confuses me. I realize it’s the offshoot of pizzeria UNO located right across the street. After I take a few sniffs and survey the scene I move on. Just doesn’t feel right. I start walking and googling and come across ‘Lou Malnati’s’ butter crush pizza. After I cover a few blocks I get to a quainter neighborhood reminiscent of the area around PePe’s in new haven. At that point I just followed the smell.


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