Fall Fishing: Day 2

Day 2: Friday, October 18th

Bob arrived and we set a 7:15am departure time for the point.  The plan was to cast at the surface action so we didn’t stop for any live bait.  Matt and I had seen 2 blitzes in a few hours from the beach the day before.  We figured we would be able to chase them up, down and around the point.  after a full morning of moving around we saw nothing but 6-8 foot swells.  Where was a decent amount of Albie action we weren’t looking to chase and a lot of guys trolling wire, which we didn’t bring… we grabbed ‘lunch’ at star island (which was closed) and decided to regroup.  The seas were getting pretty nuts and there was zero action.  We would head back to plum with green crabs and chum.

After the long rough run back our fish-finder went out and we were left to rely on our recon from the previous day.  After dropping once in close and getting nothing for 15 minutes we made the call to move.  If the togs aint there…they aint there.  In the midst of the move we caught some bluefish surface action.  I called for 3 small guys to be fileted and smoked.  After we hit the quota, we went back to business.  After all, we didn’t come all this way for bluefish.  If the togs aint there…they aint there.  A few minutes into out next spot we started getting some action.  The chum proved to be extremely productive.  We caught 3 togs and a seabass!  Finally reward for recon and persistence.  We headed back, cleaned gutted and fried up some TOG! for dinner.  The girls loved it and we appreciated having something to show for our efforts.

Togs & Seabass

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