Fall Fishing: Day 3 (Catching a Buzz)

Fall Fishing: Day 3

Saturday’s weather looks bad, forecast was bad, family is filled with delicious Tog dinner.  Sounded like a day made for the Vineyards.

In the afternoon I rigged up my new Smoke Daddy for the bluefish that had been brining for 24 hours per Chef Simm’s recommendations.  The smoke daddy was incredible and the cold smoked blue fish and smoked cheese was a hit appetizer that night.


Smoked Bluefish


Smoke Daddy on the ‘Joe”


Full Setup

smkd bluefish


smkd cheese

Smoked Cheese

tog taco

Left over ‘Tog Tacos” for lunch

bullet bacon

Bullet Bacon

Smoked Bluefish

Smoked Bluefish

fire Sunset


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