Park City, UT

Skiing is really a spring sport.  You can do it in the winter but its really best suited for the spring.  We scored a week in Park City with K&B where we ripped up Park City the first two days and Deer Valley the next two days.  The weather and skiing has been spectacular with back bowls and groomers all offering a great time.  Katie and I even through ourselves off some cliffs into woods that ended in moguls and actually had big old smiles on our faces.  Evelyn has been a doll and is the talk of the town with her stylish outfit, engaging smile, and propensity to wave at strangers up and down main street.  If we stay for another week I think she could run for mayor and win.

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4 Responses to Park City, UT

  1. The Nana says:

    Happy you’re all happy………….no slideshow for me!!

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